Mekaylah Bowen


During the Drivers meeting yesterday Mekaylah had won the Raffle money and Mekaylah went out for the parade due to winning the car show for Formula Fours.


Wasn’t the outcome we were looking for last night, Mekaylah had the car going good in practice, and in the heat race started 5th got stuck behind #97 Cassie Leonard then finally found an opening to pass her on the outside, finished the heat in 5th. The feature race she also started in 5th, couple laps in had a yellow flag, restart in 5th still, took another yellow flag, under caution got hit in the drivers door panel and continued the race and made it to forth, then got behind to 5th for the last caution, then restart again behind #9 Zack Audet then couple laps in Zacks gear popped out leaving Mekaylah slamming into the rear of him, got loose and lost it in the in field catching it back onto the track coming side by side with #97 Cassie Leonard in the back of the pack on the last lap.

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