Mekaylah Bowen

Hey Fans! Its TALK ABOUT THE TRACK TUESDAY! Mekaylahs been racing at RiversideSpeedway for now 3 years, and she’s knows it probably better then you, but that’s ok because you can hear more about the track from Mekaylah and come see it at her home track!! Yes, this Saturday there’s a Car Show and A Race. You can come see Mekaylah and both her cars out on that track, get some wristbands and some autographs, and then see Mekaylah behind the wheel in action going around the track. Talk about track! Come to Riverside Speedway at 10:00 AM for car show, and post time for race is 5:00 PM! #MekaylahBowenRacing12 #RiversideSpeedway #SaturdayRaceTime #CarShow #RaceCars #RacingLife #Motorsports #Speed51 #TrackTalkTuesday #HondaRacing #RaceFans #RaceSeasonBegins

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