Mekaylah Bowen


Mekaylah had a rough night of her Race last night @RiversideSpeedway. Mekaylah‘s practicing were smooth. Mekaylah started 3rd in daredevils for the night, and in the inside of the heat she went past the green there, and held her 3rd spot until #13 had made his way up to the poll, which had Mekaylah in fourth and was holding strong until #97 came and snuck up underneath Mekaylah making her way by, leaving Mekaylah in the 5th spot.

Mekaylah‘s formula fours heat race she started 1st and as the green flag went she was running her lines and then #11 came in underneath her, #5 coming on her outside in a 3wide on the back stretch and cut her off which led into #32 and #53 putting her into and 3wide around turn four then #25 and #53 still making by her in a 3wide, she then had made it into the back in last.

Mekaylah decided she had not wanted to continue into the formula fours feature race due to the results of the heat race.

The night continued with her Daredevil Feature race starting 3rd again, green flag goes, running her lines in the 3rd spot until #53 got loose and spun in the inside field, still running the daredevils continue and still in her 3rd spot with #97 in front of her and #13 behind her, coming into turn 1 Mekaylah had gotten loose and #13 came down leaving them both into a tap on door panels, and Mekaylah spinning into the in field with A caution to re-start. At the re-start Mekaylah had to start in the back on the outside of #23 and green went and Mekaylah was holding 5th place until #28 got loose on turn 2 causing a caution and re-start. At the start of the re-start mekaylah started 4th on the outside with #97 in front and #28 behind. Green went and Mekaylah fell behind into the back and coming into turn one #28 was behind #97 and #28 tapped #97 causing them both to spin and come to a stand still on the track then causing Mekaylah to come into turn one low and hit #28 in his door panel causing once again another caution. Mekaylah had came out into the pits for a fix on her passenger side fender/bumper. Mekaylah then came back into the race starting into the back with #97 in front of her and #28 on her outside, green started and then came into turn one and #97 came down onto Mekaylah causing Mekaylah to push her around the corner causing #97 to spin, starting again in re-start no other cautions happened and Mekaylah ended in last. Rough night for the #12 Bowen team, and apologies to anyone that she effected in last nights race. We will be working hard this week due to the damage to try and get Magenta back out onto the track for Championship Weekend. We will keep you updated this week.

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