Mekaylah Bowen

Mekaylah Bowen had a great race tonight at Riverside Speedway. Mekaylah was doing well in her practices, had to make a few adjustments but that didn’t change her run at all. Mekaylah started with her Heat Race in Formula Fours starting in 2nd place on the outside of #11nh, and as the green flag went Mekaylah then fell back as everyone went by her which sent her to the rear until the #11nh had some car issues which then came to the rear leaving Mekaylah in 5th. With determination Mekaylah then said to herself “I’m gunna send it, pedal to the floor!” “I’m gunna win for all our troops.” She then got ready for her Feature Race in Formula Fours started the lead in 1st due to #11nh car issues and not being able to race. The Green Flag went and Mekaylah then sent it and Led the race for 18 laps until #32 came up on her and passed her around the outside putting her in 2nd, Mekaylah then followed strong with #32 and was fighting for that 2nd spot and she did, Mekaylah was holding her spot against #25, but #25 couldn’t get by and as the last lap came they were side by side but Mekaylah got the 2nd spot!

Mekaylah also wants to dedicate her Racing tonight to her Troops and for Big Brendan Moody.

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