Mekaylah Bowen

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Hey Race Fans! If you all missed the Race last night Mekaylah took home a big win. Mekaylah Ran well in practices and yesterday she was with both Daredevils and Formula Fords. Her practices helped hold her confidence to fight for the top last night. She then had her Daredevil Heat Race which she started in 4 and ended her heat in 3. Which brought her to get ready for the Formula Fords Heat Race which she had started in 4th again, going strong until she ended the heat in 2. Mekaylah felt so good about the nights races. Very eager and ready to go, started her Daredevil Feature in 3rd and was going hard and sending that Honda to fight which started with the Daredevil driver 28 who was in the poll with Mekaylah behind trying to get up underneath but then a daredevil driver 97 came up behind Mekaylah and had made her way up past Mekaylah and the 28 being up in poll and Mekaylah was still going hard to get up to that poll, with the fight of 97,28, Mekaylah and ended with a finish of 2nd. As the races went on patiently waiting Mekaylah was excited that she was going out with the Formula Fords for the first time, and that time came. Mekaylah started her Formula Ford Feature In 2nd place. As the green flag was waved the Formula Ford Driver 32 started ahead in first with Mekaylah up high, coming into turn 2 everyone in Formula Fords had went by her. quickly after Mekaylah was sending it hard the whole way making it by the 4th place runner, then Battling against the 3rd place driver back and forth then finally Mekaylah made a pass down low and ended with a great finish of 3rd! Mekaylah had a successful night bring home confidence with being in formula fords and 2 wins! Congratulations!

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