Mekaylah Bowen

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


Mekaylah ran well in practices today she ran hard, ran strong and stuck to the track! Her times were high which brought her to start 2nd in her heat race. She was going great and fell short when she was trying to get past 97 daredevil driver which then also was fighting again with the 13 daredevil devil driver and she couldn’t keep up which led her to 3rd at the end of the heat. after that Mekaylah had no worries and she had the confidence still after and was ready to go even harder in the feature. She started 2nd during the start of the feature race and was holdomg second strong until 13 came up and past her and she was fighting back up right behind 13s bumper which then led to a caution between Mekaylah and the 13. She then got a head start on the Feature race starting 3rd and she flew into the second place and held it strong to the finish With the 2nd place win. Mekaylah Bowen Racing Ended with a finish that we will not forget! 🏁 Thanks To all sponsor, and race fans for a great RACE DAY!

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